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Ivy League

June 2023

Carter’s Crew, in collaboration with intake officers, probation officers, and juvenile judges from the 8th and 10th Division, launched the Ivy League Leadership Program in June of 2023.


This groundbreaking initiative identified, nurtured and trained young individuals in the juvenile justice system. Training covered topics like effective communication and mental health first aid, and featured discussions and workshops with community leaders and professionals. Combined with their first-hand experience in the juvenile system, this training will help this group of extraordinary young people support and mentor their peers. 


Key Features of the Ivy League Leadership Program

1. Unparalleled Selection Process: Through close collaboration with intake officers, probation officers, and juvenile judges, the program identifies the most promising young leaders from within the juvenile justice system, ensuring a diverse and talented cohort.

2. Intensive Leadership Training: Participants will undergo a comprehensive leadership curriculum designed to enhance their abilities to lead, inspire, and positively influence their peers. They will explore topics such as effective communication, decision-making, teamwork, mental health first aid and self-reflection.

3. Immersive Residential Experience: The program will take place at the prestigious 4-H Center, providing a supportive and enriching environment for participants to develop their leadership potential. During their stay, they will engage in a range of activities, workshops, and discussions, fostering personal growth and building lasting connections.

4. Peer Mentorship: Upon completion of the program, participants will return to their communities equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as peer mentors. They will provide guidance and support to other youth navigating the juvenile justice system, inspiring them to make positive choices and embark on a path towards a brighter future.

The Ivy League program is a true testament to the collaborative work that is happening in the community for this demographic of youth.  Community violence and public safety is not just a one person or organization problem.  It takes us all to intervene and change the climate of our community.

The first group of Ivy League Leadership Program students was escorted to the 4-H center by the Sugartown Riders and MCs & Queens Nation. The Sugartown Riders are led by President Dre and Vice President Dirky out of the Little Rock Chapter.  


We thank our partners who have volunteered for educational components of this program: Kevin Hunt with Lessons Learned, Dr. Quinyatta Mumford with Mumford and Associates, Pastor Henderson with the Earl Foundation, Pastor Alfred Warren Jr. with Body of Christ Worship Center, Domonick Crane with Crane Counseling, Attorney Bobby Forrest with Chosen Law firm, and Brother Al’Gandrew Williams with U.N.I.T.Y. (U and I helping Teen Youth). We also thank Judge Shanice Johnson and Judge Tjuana Byrd-Manning for their unwavering and relentless support as we planned this project for the past year.  Finally, thanks to the court staff for their assistance with identifying the youth for this program.

You can read more in this article from the Arkansas Times.

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