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Donating to Carter's Crew continues to be a way for people to help others directly in their community. We donate all items right back to the community through our outreach activities, food and clothing pantries.  

We also accept in kind donations.  All donations can be mailed to our office address.  Check out our Amazon Smiles list to purchase items on our list!

Donate using Paypal, or use the form below for debit or credit cards. You can also click the link below to donate via our secure donation website. 

Click here to donate.

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Did you know?


In 2017, the Congress passed a new tax law that practically doubles the standard tax deduction for most filers!

The law does not change the fact that donors continue to be responsible for valuing their donations and that they may be able to deduct the value of those donations if they choose to itemize on their taxes. For any advice regarding the preparation of your taxes, please consult a reputable tax advisor.


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