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We are here to give children the support they need in order to shape them into leaders of the future.

Amber Govan

Founded by Amber Govan in 2018, Carter's Crew provides teens an environment in which they can reach their fullest potential.


The services we provide are based on the lived experience of Amber and the services that she needed as a teen.  Having experienced more than four adverse childhood experiences and being labeled as "at-risk" all of her life, it was important to Amber that she come back to the community and show teens that where you are doesn't have to be your final destination.


Carter's Crew is named after Amber's most valuable possession in this world, her son Carter. What started off as a small home-based venue has grown into an enterprise that’s committed to empowering children of all backgrounds.

Board of Directors


Makesha Washington, President 

Talisha Phifer, Vice President 

Jasmine Wilson, Treasurer 

Megan Guerndt, Member


Mission Statement: The mission of Carter's Crew is to empower and educate the most vulnerable youth in our Central Arkansas community through outreach, education and resources. 

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